Among the ancient classic buildings, the Pantheon is certainly the best preserved one, as a result of its transformation into a Church (Saint Mary and the Martyrs) in 609. The original structure was constructed between 27 and 25 BC by Marcus Agrippa to celebrate Augustus and was then dedicated to the main deities of the Julio-Claudian family.

The present building was reconstructed during Emperor Hadrian’s time (118-125 AD). A huge cylindrical wall (the Rotonda), more than 6 meters thick, supports the monumental vault, the largest unreinforced dome ever built, with a diameter  of  43.30 meters which is equal to its height.



Opening times

  • MONDAY 9:00-19:00*
  • TUESDAY 9:00-19:00*
  • WEDNESDAY 9:00-19:00*
  • THURSDAY 9:00-19:00*
  • FRIDAY 9:00-19:00*
  • SATURDAY 9:00-19:00*
  • SUNDAY 9:00-19:00*

*The Pantheon – Basilica of S. Mary and the Martyrs is open every day from 9 am to 7 pm. Last entrance is at 6.30 p.m. The ticket offices on site close one hour before the monument.


€ 5,00 full ticket

€ 2,00 reduced rate (EU citizens aged from 18 to 25)

free (visitors under 18)

For complete information regarding free tickets and discounts please visit the dedicated page:

Every first Sunday of the month the entrance is free. Visitors will be able to collect free paper tickets directly from the desks inside the monument, or to book them online. Admission will be granted up to the maximum hourly capacity allowed.

Closing days: December 25th and January 1st, except for extraordinary openings determined by the Ministry of Culture (DM 330 06/30/2016 Criteri per l’apertura al pubblico, la vigilanza e la sicurezza dei musei e dei luoghi della cultura statali).

This organization is committed to offer an opening time as long as possible, in accordance with rules regarding safety and security in museums and archaelogical sites established by the italian law, pending new public selections aiming at increasing the staff to overcome the current shortage.


You can buy your ticket to access the Pantheon online, visiting the web-platform and following this procedure:

  • If you are new to the platform please register (name, address, email and password required), otherwise use your credentials to access the web-platform
  • Once you have accessed the web-platform, you will be re-directed to the Pantheon page
  • Select the type of visit
  • Choose the date, the time-slot and the ticket type (full, reduced, free)
  • Verify your order in the shopping cart
  • Confirm your order
  • Once you have confirmed your order, you will be re-directed to the PagoPA website to complete your order using your SPID or your personal email.


The opening times may be subject to change in accordance with religious celebrations.

Access is divided into time-slots, according to tickets availability and in compliance with the liturgical activities.

Tickets sale at the offices on site will stop one hour before the religious celebrations; during these kinds of celebrations – as well as during the Holy Mass (Saturdays and pre-holidays 5:00 pm; Sundays and holidays 10:30 am) – access will be free for devotees attending the celebrations.

We remind visitors that only if tickets with QR code are not received through the email, the payment receipt can be used to have access to the monument, upon evaluation of the Pantheon staff.

We also remind you that the purchase of a maximum 25 tickets is permitted only once for each time slot to a single user and, in case of online purchase not consistent with the procedure, there could be a glitch not ascribable to the website.

For any information concerning the purchase of tickets either online or on the spot, please send an email to The request for a refund and change of dates is possible only in the event of a real malfunction of the purchasing platform.

We remind visitors that during the holy masses only participants to the celebration are allowed in.


Groups with a tour guide will be limited to a maximum of 25 people plus the guide. Groups from 6 people to 25 will be allowed in only with radio guides and whispers.

For general information about the monument and any activity arranged by the management, as well as rules regarding private groups escorted by tour guides, please call 0668300230 from 9.00 am to 6:00 pm or send an email to


Ad occhi chiusi, il Pantheon attraverso i sensi. Visita guidata speciale inclusiva per non-vedenti ed ipo-vedenti
Recupero e restauro della pavimentazione marmorea del Pantheon
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